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join our NEW Winter Season CSA! January - april 2019

Winter members receive a box every other week for 9 weeks (from January through April) of high quality cool season vegetables and culinary herbs grown in our expanded market garden!  Enrollments must be received prior to January 1st, 2019 for this new season.

Main season 2019 (Spring, Summer, & Fall) May-November 16th

Our Main Season will not only provide you with locally grown, nutrient dense food, it is also a powerful investment in your health, your community, our environment, and our local economy. 

Farm Box Members receive:

  • 6 + varieties of vegetables and herbs each week (see below for a list of what's growin')

  • Weekly emails with box contents and recipes

  • Special offers on our pasture raised meats

  • Access to member exclusive farm events and volunteer harvest days

  • Our commitment to provide the highest quality produce possible. Your produce will always be grown without harmful inputs in a manner that supports the building of soil and ecology!

While cooking habits vary greatly from household to household, we believe that one box will provide enough produce for a family of four with moderate appetites. If your household needs more or less we encourage you to consider signing up for multiple shares OR share your box with a family member, friend, or neighbor.

Enrollment is easy, contact us today!

Choose your pick up site:

You can choose between one of the following pick up locations!
1. Wednesday afternoons at Red Gate Ranch (1-6pm)
2. Saturdays at the Red Bluff farmers market (9am-12pm)
3. Fridays at Redding Sports Therapy in Redding (3pm-5pm)

Choose your season:

  • FULL YEAR! (January - April) $27/wk = $1026
    *Discounts available for Pay In Full Memberships!

  • WINTER SEASON (January - April) $27/wk = $243 
    Every other week box / Must enroll by Jan 1st

  • MAIN SEASON (May - Nov 16th) $27/wk = $783 
    Missed weeks will be pro-rated for enrollments received after May 1st.

Choose your payment preference:

  • PAY IN FULL - Most cost effective!
    Full Year (Enrollments must be received by Jan 1st) - $950
    Winter Season (Enrollments must be received by Jan 1st) - $225
    Main Season (Enrollments must be received by May 1st) - $725

    Winter: Two checks for $121.50 each dated 1/1 & 2/1
    Main: Three checks for $261 each dated 5/1, 6/1, & 7/1
    (Joining in the middle of our Main Season? We'll prorate your installments.)

  • MONTHLY CREDIT CARD ($25 admin fee) 
    Credit Card Authorization Form will be kept on file.

Bring the abundance of our thriving garden into your kitchen this season! 

We grow multiple varieties of the following veggies:

Spinach, Collards, Kale, Okra, Eggplant, Mizuna, Pac Choy, Komatsuna, Swiss Chard, Celery, Tomatoes,  Peppers, Onions, Leeks, Cucumbers, Carrots, Beets, Zuchinni, Crookneck Squash, Radishes, Melons, Cabbage, Turnips, Lettuce, Arugula, Winter Squash, and more!

You will also find herbs in your box like: Parsley, Chives, Rosemary, Thyme, Marjoram, Oregano, Basil, Tulsi, Dill, Cilantro, Sage, Lemon Verbena, Hyssop, and Burdock root to name a few!

Food crazed farmers growing veggies at the Ranch! #knowyourfarmer #farmtotableredgate #redbluff


Our vision & offerings

The Red Gate Gardens began in Spring of 2012 with two double dug garden beds and a large vision.  The vision was to grow healthy food alongside our children, friends, and families in a way that supports the land.  We grow a wide variety of herbs and vegetables with plans to expand production in an effort to bring more herbal offerings to the community.

Swiss chard seedlings

Swiss chard seedlings

Quality & beliefs

We use only Organic,  Non-GMO seeds.  We also choose open pollinated varieties for our garden.  Many of the sprays and chemicals on the market that are approved for use on certified organic produce are not products that we feel comfortable using on our food.  We often implement unique predator controls and low impact solutions to deal with the common imbalances that come when working with nature.  Ultimately, building healthy soil which is rich in biology is the best method for ensuring healthy plants. Our customers are welcome to come see our gardens and to ask any questions they might have about our practices.  

Supporting the land

For us, supporting the land means that we work to build our top soil by testing it's content each year and applying nourishing amendments in the way we would amend our bodies when out of balance. This practice allows us to constantly replenish valuable nutrients and minerals that are removed from the soil during the growing process. We strive to grow the majority of our compost material onsite rather than relying on outside inputs to build our soil. Since this is a practice that can take many years to master we pride ourselves on taking the extra time and energy necessary to seek the highest quality inputs available, making adjustments as needed when we are not able to find a product that meets our standards. We practice regular crop rotation, companion planting arrangements, and the use of beneficial plants to proactively balance pests. (We never apply any sort of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides in our garden.) Our gardening practices are loosely based on a variety of techniques including no-till, bio-intensive, and biodynamic practices to ensure that we are not depleting the land. These practices combined with close observation allow us to conserve space, water, and manpower while increasing yields and food nutrient quality significantly.